Diversity Statement

I see diversity as an intrinsic characteristic of the society or among groups of people. Every single person is different from each other, but people tend to group up together with the ones sharing more similarities. One foundation of an idealized inclusive community should be seeing differences the same way as similarities. I once had a very close friend that we can talk anything to each other, however I made our conversation become the time after she told me about her depression. That was the first time I met someone with it in person and I was not sure about how should I deal with it. My worries about how should I talk with the friend created a gap in our conversation. I felt sympathetic for the friend all the time, but that made our conversation boring and worthless. We did not talk that much after graduated from college, and that was a great friend I miss.  From that, I really believe that no matter how the others different from me, as long as we share the same language, communications between us should be in the same way without too many worries held in mind. The attitude of treating everyone the same way will form an atmosphere of understanding and the idea of majority and minority groups of the community will be replaced by acceptance and understanding. Unfortunately, the real world situation is not an idealized one. Historical, religious and cultural reasons leave our society with an urgent to emphasize the equality between underrepresented groups and other groups. Having a divers and inclusive community means the members of the community respect the right of each other as a person without judging specific characteristics of others. Thus, maintaining an inclusive community should be a very important responsibility of all people in the community no what status or privilege you may have. For the people that are underrepresented, they should speak up for their rights and let the others know about what need to be changed. For the people that already have some extend of privilege in the community, they need to treated others equally with respect, otherwise they are abandoning their own rights when they become underrepresented group as the values of community change. Those thoughts are the reason of me being a strong supporter for diversity in communities. I believe I am closely bonded with the diversity of the community, and especially, have a great responsibility on forming inclusive atmosphere as a faculty member of the school, an instructor of courses.


As an instructor, I will have the privilege of talking to students and form the classes in ways I think could be beneficial for students. Although I will be teaching in an engineering topics, the form of the class can embed activities that have the students work together and find out what they could learn from the others unexpectedly. No matter what field of study, communication is always one of the most important tools of learning. The effectiveness of communication and the atmosphere formed in the class will correlate with each other, thus being the instructor of courses will provide good opportunity for me to express the value of diversity and inclusion to the students, not by words, but through participation in the class.


Coming from a foreign country in Asian to the U.S. to pursue higher education is a journey of learning in a very different way that I used to. I remember a lot of things seem confusing to me in the beginning. I went through that period by talking with other international student friends and later talking with new friends I made. I then realize that I can bring my own experience and background to help the growing community of international students. Different groups of people will encounter different kinds of problems in college. I am willing to bring myself to the one field that I am most familiar with, not only communicate within the community but communicate the community with others as well. However, this will not be the only way I can and will help in establishing the inclusive community. I believe if one has a belief in the idea of equality of people and acts follow the moral standards, the person will become considerate and usually a good listener. The two traits will automatically help them contribute to the inclusion of community.


I believe that an inclusive diverse community is a representation of the respects and understanding of the people. Each person in the community should have the same rights and should have their way to seek help.

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