A Travel

Years ago I woke up in the morning and found that everything seems different than it used to be. I’m probably teleported to a random universe. How different this world is? I would say it feels like I live in the internet. I figure that the appearance and physical laws of this world probably work the same as my home universe. The major difference is that whenever I think about doing anything through the internet, what I need will pop-up or be done automatically as I think of them. This is actually not hard to figure out because the second I woke up in the morning, I asked myself where I’m I?, and the “Wikipedia” in this world somehow showed up immediately in front of my eyes.

I actually was a quite old fashion person in my homeworld, because I got annoyed when I need to learn using so many different tools for various occasions and purposes. Even though the technology was user-friendly enough and simple to learn, I still felt a lot of redundancy on all kinds of tools and manual information filtering processes. But accidentally landing on a world like this, is my first time in my life want to celebrate the existence of technology. When this kind of situation happens in the movie, the characters always want to figure out a way to go back, but I don’t, I’m thinking of living a life here.

This is my chance of starting a new life. My life back on the earth was not a decent one. I always blame that on my lack of passion for learning due to the inconvenience of technology. Now I have a perfect set up for me to learn now, I’ll figure out what I want to do and become an expert in that.

“O.K., what I really want to do?”

Well, obviously no answer would show up automatically for that question.

“What the world needs?”

“The world needs love, understanding, equality…..”

Hmm…That’s too general. Probably a doctor should still be a good occupation since I can still fell my body. “What do I need to become a good doctor?”

“Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree; Step 2: Take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT); Step 3: Earn a Medical Degree. …”

I can’t believe even in this hi-tech world being a doctor still takes the exact same processes. Fortunately, I can finish the degrees and testes online, even those practical experiments can be done with VR availability. Wait, what if I’ll be sent back while I’m halfway of becoming a doctor? While it will happen or not is not up to me anyway. I probably just pretend it will not happen.

So I started with the thought of living a better new life. As my learning goes on, I start to think about my career as a doctor, how I should talk to my patients, maybe I can help my daughter in the future when she does not feel good. I was learning days and nights until one day the most frustrating thing happened. I woke up back to my previous world.

I was shocked sitting in my bed looking around but at nothing. I was upset about what I’ve already done, but remained my calmness by thinking “O.K., I already know what I should do, now I just need to do it over again.”. Amazingly, learning everything again does not feel like a step back or a boring repetition. I can notice new details that I didn’t have spare attention to notice before while I was learning for the first time. Although now I need to go to real college to learn and use all different tools, those things are not as bothering as they are to me before.


4 thoughts on “A Travel

  1. HI Qishen!

    Your blog is the first I’ve read for this week and I enjoyed it so much. You tell an interesting story about living in a [dreamworld | alternate planet | alternate reality] where learning is fully integrated into your person/seen right before your eyes. We live in a world not too far from that notion between Google Glass & Smartphones you “wear” on your wrist (https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/10/23/circret-wrist-smartphone_n_6033254.html) The big difference is that these technologies are not internal, as you described. Wonder what classroom policy would be like with technology like that!

    I get what you mean about redundancy and filters for search results. Thinking about my own life, I can think of a lot of times when I’m using apps or search engines and I see steps that are the same practically everywhere. Feels like an opportunity for technology to make a leap!

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    1. Yeah! When I was writing, I intended not to push the technology too far, just want to really get rid of the filtering of information because, personally, I would say learning is more about the self-motivation no matter how the technology develops. However, speaking of using technology to help improve and motivate education, I did not touch on that in this blog. What would a class change really worth discussing. I’m wondering, in that kind of future everyone can learn from the individual end, what will happen to those classes really works better when being taught in person.

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  2. Wow, this was a lot of fun to read! Maybe story-telling is a lost “technology” for classrooms, because this was entirely captivating for me. Things like this make me wonder if there are some “older” or “tried and true” pieces of advise that are being overlooked in the onslaught of technology… There are so many possibilities now, it’s hard to imagine what the “best” class we could teach might be like (well, for some of us, anyways)!


  3. I traveled with you in the post and sure it was fun (I actually just started a new sustainable community there and though it is possible right here, it is still difficult for me to do that right now)! Story-telling is without any doubt a fun way to engage anyone. If this would happen more often in the classrooms, I am sure, there will be more attention paid to the content than getting distracted by other technologies. However, I also feel, it may not be for everyone and some may feel it is a waste of time. Finding and maintaining that proper balance is the key so that everyone in a class can stay focused.


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